Stacey Unck is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter currently promoting her first full-length album Through the Cracks. Her music has an "acoustic, indie folk" sound highlighted by charged vocals, accented by well-placed vocal harmonies, and supported by acoustic guitar and cello lines that range from sparse and melodic to full and aggressive.
Not only can you count on variety from song to song, but you'll most-likely find one or two lines in each song that have slipped "through the cracks", as it were, of her ever-permeable musical filter. She sings what most would leave unsaid.  



"In today's modern world of music, where every sound you hear is sugar glazed, Stacey Unck stands apart from the crowd, dripping in molasses. Stacey, along with cohort Stephanie Roche, cellist, express deeply honest indie folk tunes, punctuated by awkward, yet strangely comfortable banter. She has the stage presence of an extrinsically motivated musician, but the introspection and honesty of one who performs for the shear pleasure of making quality music."
- Raleigh Carlson, DJ at KBCS 91.3

Contact: - 206.962.7232


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