Seattle-based singer-songwriter, Stacey Unck, still has a clear picture in her mind of her dad sitting in the living room of her childhood home, strumming his Yamaha guitar, singing "El Paso" and "Devil Woman" by Marty Robbins. Those early days, singing along with her dad and brother, became her first glimpse of the unifying power of music.

These musical beginnings blossomed into a teenage obsession with ABBA. Imagine a 16-year-old girl, driving an Astro van around town, endlessly blaring Dancing Queen. It was around this time Stacey mustered up the courage to sing her first solo to earn the vote of her peers during her high school campaign for student government. Despite shaky hands and a crackly voice, she whole-heartedly belted Alanis Morrisette's Ironic in front of a seemingly endless sea of high schoolers.

By college, Stacey’s musical interests–and possibly the stars–aligned her with musician, Zanny Miller, with whom she formed the band, Nobelle. Their self-titled album, Nobelle, contains songs fronted by both women in a folksy, Indigo Girls-like style.

After moving to Seattle in 2007, happenstance placed her in the same social scene as Steph Roche. Two years into their friendship, they happenend upon a concert in a park where a cellist was backing a rock band. Steph nonchalantly boasted, "I think I could do that," to which Stacey replied, "Prove it." The next week they rented a cello, played a few cover songs, and quickly went to work creating cello parts to Stacey's music.

The duo began performing at weekly open mics around Seattle and transitioned into larger shows at countless local venues. They've also toured regionally, from Port Angeles to Portland.

Their music—inspired by artists like EmmyLou Harris, Joni Mitchell, & Brandi Carlile—has an "acoustic, indie-folk" sound. Songs are highlighted by charged vocals, accented by well-placed vocal harmonies, and supported by acoustic guitar and cello lines that range from sparse and melodic to full and aggressive. The harmony between the vocals and cello truly grabs the soul and hugs it.

Through the Cracks, their debut album, artfully produced by Michael Connolly at Empty Sea Studio, varies stylistically from song to song. Stacey's lyrics weave a thread of consistency throughout the album, putting into words things that most leave unsaid.

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